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Jai Bowie – Chief Executive Leadership

Starting young in 1994 with business paths in San Diego, CA, Jai Bowie fast tracked his experience in business ownership and honing skill sets in sales, advertising, business development strategy, creative branding & promotions, including program development for multiple industries.

In 1997 Bowie kicked off his passion in the restaurant industry developing what would be the largest restaurant and hotel food delivery business and magazine guide in San Diego, CA. 2005, Bowie set focus on the financial industry and shortly became partner of a financial brokerage in 2006. Since then his relationships grew strong, built investment opportunities bridging the gap between private buyers & sellers in Real Estate.

Mr. Bowie is a super charged professional with 24+ years of boots-on-the-ground success and an expert in merchant markets, enterprise business and start ups in various industries, resulting in hundreds of relationships stretching from coast to coast.

Bowie has been a passionate business owner, creating innovative ways of generating new business for his clients and companies with laser-focused strategy while keeping up with current trends and establishing sustainable client relationships.

Defined as a conceptual thinker, Bowie is skillful at high impact sales presentations, a business strategist expert, program and project management, problem-solving, building and managing powerful connections and relationships globally.

Bowie is energized by new challenges and enjoys negotiating, with keen planning abilities, goal setting, strategy implementation and execution, and follow up with a customer-first attitude. Building business, being trend eccentric and innovating is a real passion.

Early June 2011, Bowie shifted his focus and aimed his sights on the ATM industry by developing distributor to merchant consumer programs with a new generation advertising platform that would fill the void above ATM machines with digital screen technology.  

Here and now, his passion in this arena and history in developing new strategies around the ATM and payment processing industry brings him full circle to ASPIRE.

Curtis Hayungs, Business and Marketing Strategist

Curtis Hayungs is a Business and Marketing Strategist who works with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. After spending nearly a decade working in business services and helping multimillion dollar brands and startups, Curtis knows what truly drives business traffic. It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Curtis Hayungs studied business at South Texas College and proceeded to work in a fast, upscale market helping businesses all over the US to increase customer foot traffic, cut cost and streamline operations..

Curtis  also has 10+ years’ experience in the ATM & Payment Processing space, as well as Co-Founder of Merchant Resource Group which assists small-to-midsize businesses in the areas of credit card processing, web development, custom software, marketing, sales development, print, operating services; copyright and trademark IT development.

Passionate about the water, Curtis notes, “the move back to South Texas was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date.” South Padre Island, TX being 30 minutes away, Curtis Hayungs spends his free time Offshore fishing, Scuba diving and spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico and sits on the board of a nonprofit (Friends of RGV Reef)  to create a self-sustaining artificial reef with the stepping stones of habitat to increase the native fish population.

Moises Mireles, Senior Sales Executive

Moises Mireles has earned the reputation as an innovative and multifaceted leader across a multitude of different industries in Austin, Texas. Through the span of nearly two decades as a sales professional, he has gained extensive hands-on expertise in the areas of: entrepreneurship, business consulting, retail and hospitality business services, real estate & interior design.

Fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Moises currently works with and has helped over 150+ local, small to medium size businesses prosper through effective revenue growth generation, operations management, and key account management.

Moises serves as the Executive Sales Director of Merchant’s Resource Group, where he harnesses his expertise and resources in retail and hospitality POS (point of sale), payment processing, e-commerce payments, and a multitude of other cutting-edge tools to assist new and existing businesses in paving the path to lasting success.

His passion and love for architecture & interior design are what ultimately drove him to expand his horizons and pursue a career in real estate. Recently, Moises surpassed one year as a REALTOR® for DEN Property Group. DEN Property Group is a boutique real estate brokerage firm focused on embracing the creative culture of Austin, TX. DEN Property Group focuses on not only understanding neighborhoods but understanding process, negotiation, lifestyle, architecture and most importantly, your needs before and after the real estate transaction.

As a dedicated member of National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Austin Board of REALTORS® (ABoR), he consistently strives to not only exceed client expectations but to bring a new, customer-focused approach to the industry. To him, a transaction is more than a mere transaction, it’s an opportunity to assist people with one of the most important decisions in their entire lives.

Godswill Nwankwo, Director of Finance

Godswill Nwankwo serves as the CEO and Managing Partner of PDS Drilling, LLC, Prospero Oil and Gas, LLC, both oilfield companies, and Prospero Financial, LLC, an energy focused private equity and project finance firm.

Godswill works with the Prospero team and affiliates to build and deploy sustainable operational and financial strategies that are geared towards growing value in the short and long term. He has a multicultural work background in oil and gas, both overseas and domestic. He has built and successfully run an oilfield company, implementing enterprise-wide technology driven economic moat, while driving value added solutions and services to clients in US Land.

Before that, he worked for Schlumberger as a Drilling Services Engineer (DSE). As one of the few, elite technical global workforce, his responsibilities among others included; leading multicultural teams in the execution of multi-million-dollar oilfield projects, while providing real-time formation evaluation services like Gamma, Laterolog & Array (Induction) Resistivity, Neutron Porosity and Spectral Density, Acoustic Velocity and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). During this period, he was an instructor in Wireline PEPTEC2 School for Advanced Log Interpretation seminars, while also sitting-in as Field Service Manager (FSM), District Engineer and Service Quality Coach (SQC). He also attended Schlumberger in-house management training in finance (OFS-2), personnel (OFS-3), sales and marketing (SDPM). He worked for Halliburton and Baker Hughes INTEQ where he travelled and lived all over the United States. From the Appalachian to the Williston Basin and Elk Hills of the San Joaquin Valley to the Gulf of Mexico, he has led and managed teams from diverse backgrounds.

Godswill has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from Rivers State University in Nigeria. He also has a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Computer Science with specialization in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance with specialization in Private Equity and Investments from the University of Houston CT Bauer College of Business.

Gary Gao, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

Dr. Gary Gao is the CFO and Managing Partner of Prospero Financial, LLC, a private equity firm, and Prospero Oil and Gas, LLC, an oil and gas operating and service firm, both located in Houston, TX. Dr. Gao was an equity analyst and portfolio manager with Cougar Investment Fund, LLC from 2016-2017, where he performed financial modeling and equity valuation for various industries. Before that, he worked as a senior research geoscientist with Rock Solid Images, and spent 10 years in Schlumberger as a research Scientist. From 2009-2013, he worked in Schlumberger-Doll Research, a premier research center in the oil and gas industry. Dr. Gao has extensive experience in financial service, private equity, petroleum economics, geophysical service, logging, drilling, reservoir characterization and production, as well as high-performance computation and data analytics. He holds 10 US patents, and published more than 30 technical papers. He obtained his PhD in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005, and an MBA in Finance and Investment from the University of Houston in 2018.

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