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Studying the Profitability of an ATM Business

An ATM franchise can turn into a lucrative opportunity, particularly for entrepreneurial-minded individuals hoping to generate passive or residual income. Just look for an ideal location in high traffic areas such as shopping centers, business districts, residential communities, and schools.

For investors looking to buy a business, the primary question is this; Will the ATM business make profit after capital costs? In most cases, the venture can be profitable due to the convenience ATMs provide to the general public. Yet, eager entrepreneurs must understand that profits and success will depend on three factors:

  • Accessible location or ATM placement
  • Low operating expenses
  • Steady flow of customers

Notwithstanding certain concerns, this type of enterprise continues to flourish in many part of the country, one such example is an ATM business Austin.

The ATM Industry

Banking institutions first introduced Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the  1980s. These convoluted-looking pieces of equipment gradually emerged both as necessity and convenience for consumers. The ATM business thrived because of a concept that makes sense. People can withdraw cash from their banks 24/7. ATM business cost depends on whether you purchase the ATMs and take care of installation which can be expensive. You may not generate enough revenues to make up for acquisition cost. Or, a more practical option is to rent the ATMs for brief rental period. This alternative reduces the upfront expense significantly. Majority of residents in Austin, Texas prefer this approach.

Prices of ATMs vary depend on the supplier. Hence, individuals who want to engage in this business can lease or find an ATM business for sale Austin. Compare your alternatives to get a beneficial deal. The other cost of this enterprise is lease of location unless you are the property owner. Outright one-time expenses will be limited to installation and electrical wiring.

How does the investor create passive income and likely become rich with the ATM business?

There are several ways to achieve this goal. The operator in Austin, Texas can charge their customers an add-on fee for using the machine which is legitimate because of providing a convenient service. People do not have to go to the back, fill in withdrawal slips, and wait in line until the teller calls them. ATMs are great time-savers. Passive (residual) earnings simply mean there is very little or no maintenance required at all. Even then, the revenues keep on coming in. Passive income is also taxable but treated in a different way by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

How the ATM System Works?

ATMs process around 180 transactions in a month’s time. If the machine operates in a high volume location, the owner can expect maximum transactions particularly during weekends and the holiday season. At an average surcharge of $2.50 multiplied by 180 withdrawals, this shows an income of $450 every day. In 30 days, the projected earnings will reach $13, 500.

The average number of transactions is 180 although some ATMs have few withdrawals like two to three daily or 60 up to 90 per month. High traffic areas will guarantee faster and of course, more income. Standard ATMs can hold from 700 up to 1, 000 notes but some owners put in only 50 or slightly more than fifty $20 bills. ATM business proprietors can monitor balances using the real-time monitoring platform. Just make sure that the money never runs out of bills so operations are not disrupted.

Bank policies state that ATM cardholders must withdraw maximum of $200 in paying surcharges. National average for withdrawals is fixed at $60 even as certain high-end locations often experience higher withdrawals. This denotes the ATM service business is busy and will possible earn more profits. However, the operator needs to visit more often and load additional cash.

Fundamental Guidelines and Tips

Any savvy person who wants to put up an ATM business in Austin, Texas is encouraged to follow this approach:

  •  Look for a friend with experience in this enterprise to serve as mentor and provide some practical ideas.
  • Read all available information and pointers in blogs, forums, and websites. This will help the potential entrepreneur to identify problem areas ahead of time.
  • There are also some questions to answer such as: How to find high volume places? How to operate and load cash in the ATM? How to find experienced staff?
  • Look for high traffic areas where only a few ATMs are available. Another strategy is to coordinate with the owners of retail outlets such as grocery shops or convenience stores. These retailers might be interested in having ATMs in their respective establishments. With a machine, it will be easier for their patrons to get cash and buy merchandise from their outlets. Paying with cash is more practical than using credit cards since there are no interest charges.
  • After identifying a suitable place for the ATM business, the next step is to determine the number or volume of foot traffic within that vicinity. According to experts in this enterprise, between three and five percent of the people who see your ATM will actually get money from it. List down the total number of people who will use the machine in one day. Multiply the total number by the planned withdrawal fee to figure out if that location leads to a profit.
  • Choose the ATM which varies in style or design and cost. Armored models are definitely more expensive but certainly secure in case of attempted burglaries.

ATM Business Bottom Line

The key is to become educated about the ATM business which means it may not be necessary to look for a partner after all. With a partner, the profit-sharing is 50-50 so earnings are divided equally. Prospective investors also have to monitor their operations at least for the first few months. It takes patience, an eye for detail, and close monitoring of the venture to become
successful in the ATM business.

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