ATM Placement FAQs

Discover frequently asked questions about ATM placement, security, and more.

How do I load the ATM?

Once we install the ATM for you, we’ll be happy to show you everything about the cash loading procedure. Your money will go back to your bank account every day as the customers withdraw the cash from the machine.

How secure are these machines from robbery?

There are two different kinds of ATMs:

  • Level 1 Armored ATMs – these are used in outdoor areas, such as concerts or flea markets. They are very secure.
  • Non-armored ATMs – they’re used for indoor locations. They are secure, although not as much as their armored cousins.

Who will be responsible for the repairs and maintenance?

In case of temporary ATM placements, we are 100% responsible for all the maintenance and repairs. In case you decide to purchase the machine, you’ll have to take care of maintenance and repairs yourself. But don’t forget you’re getting a service warranty!

If I choose the temporary ATM placement, who will be responsible to keep the machine stocked with cash?

Aspire Payments is entirely responsible for keeping the leased machine with money at all times. If you choose the temporary placement, you’ll just have to provide space and power – the rest is on us.

Are there any hidden fees and charges for my new ATM?

No worries here – there will be no monthly fees, no hidden charges, and no per-transaction charges of any kind. The only fees you’ll have are for the electricity, dedicated phone line, and for keeping the machine stocked with receipt paper and cash.

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