Temporary ATM Placements for Events and Locations

We at Aspire Payments provide your guests with easy access to cash, and they’ll spend this money with your vendors. And happy vendors, of course, mean healthier profit!

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How It Works

We at Aspire Payments specialize in ATMs for temporary events – such as concerts, fairs, trade shows, festivals, and other similar events. Of course, we also lease temporary ATMs to common businesses, such as: hotels, bars, coffee shops, diners, gas stations, and rental stores.

Renting an ATM will allow your customers to access their money while staying at your location; this is certain to increase your retail sales. It also reduces the need to accept checks, as well as the credit card usage and the fees that go along with them.

Once you give us a call, our team of professionals will provide you with full delivery, as well as with the set-up and the eventual de-installation. The only thing you’ll have to provide is the power and space – the rest is on us!

During the lease period, we’ll be taking care of the maintenance issues and supplies, ridding you of the worry. The machine will be placed in a thoughtful way, visible and inviting to your customers and providing them with safe and clean money. This will give you the benefit of increased sales – so, don’t hesitate and give us a call!

Features & Benefits

We at Aspire Payments can easily enhance your event by providing your guests with the best ATM equipment and services. Our knowledge and experience allow us to strategically plan and forecast all of your ATM cash needs, ensuring that the customers have unlimited access to money while attending your event.

We’re offering both the indoor and outdoor solutions for the temporary ATM deployment needs of our clients.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of the temporary ATM placement could be, read on:

  • It will allow your customers to have access to money on their bank, credit, and debit cards
  • It will keep your customers in-house – they won’t have to leave the location to find the nearest ATM machine
  • It will increase your retail sales
  • It will reduce or even completely eliminate the need to accept the customer’s checks
  • It will reduce the credit card usage and all the expenses and fees that go with them
  • It will create customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • You will receive surcharge revenue for every single transaction

Whether you’re planning an event for the next weekend or the next year, we at Aspire Payments can work with you and provide you with the right solutions for your needs. We’ll help you determine the proper number of ATM machines you’ll need, as well as the best possible places for them.

We guarantee fast and painless setup, as the temporary ATM machines are the last thing you’ll have to worry about with us as your partner.

Types of Venues

We provide all kinds of short-term events with ATM equipment, maintenance, and service while placing the machines at the most convenient spots. This will allow your customers to have access to ATM machines for the whole duration of your event, ensuring that they don’t have to leave it to get some cash. We offer the most secure ATM services on the market – with us, you’ll be able to focus on making your event a thing to remember.

Aspire Payments provides temporary ATM solutions for many types of temporary venues, some of which are:

Once the period expires, we’ll come to your place and painlessly de-install and remove the machine. It’s in our interest to provide clients with these short-term ATM solutions whenever we can, as we hope they will realize the benefits of it and eventually opt for a permanent placement.