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Genmega G2500 Wide Color LCD Series ATM

Designed for off-premise financial institutions and retail locations, this ATM comes with all the necessary features that one might expect from Genmega. It’s a sleek model that provides extra hardware configuration choices and allows the owner to custom fit every machine for the needs of the particular locations.


The Genmega G2500 features an 8″ high-resolution screen which you can easily upgrade to a 10.2″ touchscreen. The included receipt printer is also upgradeable, allowing custom branding, as well as coupons. The integrated topper, on the other hand, can be paired with other LED toppers, which adds some visual impact and effortlessly attracts customers.


In addition to the standard cassette dispenser options, the Genmega G2500 also supports the cash dispensers made by other manufacturers, which brings even more flexibility. It is one of the most versatile ATMs on the market, and one certainly worth considering for purchase.

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