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Triton ARGO 12 Deep ATM Machine

With a stunning 12″ color display, this ATM machine is an ideal choice for venue owners who’d like to advertise their products through the on-screen messages. Fortunately, that’s not the only great thing about the Triton ARGO 12 Deep – this machine comes with a load of exciting features.

The capacitive touch keys of ARGO are incredibly easy to operate, which is quite important if your venue has a lot of senior visitors. There are also some charming LED indicators here, which, when combined with the sleek design, give this ATM an outstanding look that’s guaranteed to attract some attention.
Just like all other ATMs manufactured by this company, the ARGO also comes with all the latest regulatory and security features that are available today.

With this ATM machine, you won’t have to worry – the cash will be safe and there will be no maintenance needs at all.

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